The Challenges of Interpreting Objects

As an Engagement Specialist at the Global Museum, I overheard a student ask how they should interpret the South American jewelry on display. Since there is no information about the maker or wearer, should a visitor approach these objects as fine art, ornamentation for celebrations, or secular jewelry? It was a simple question, but nonetheless … Continue reading The Challenges of Interpreting Objects


Decolonization and Fred Wilson’s “Mining the Museum”

In our Museum Studies graduate program one of the core seminars we have to take is History of Organizations & Museums and in this class we are taken to the past to learn and understand about how museums function today. A recent session we had was about the action of “decolonizing museums.” There is a … Continue reading Decolonization and Fred Wilson’s “Mining the Museum”

The Global Museum’s Amazon Watch event

This post recounts an event in the Global Museum in October, part of the new public programming series that launched in the Fall 2018 semester. On October 2nd the Global Museum co-hosted a talk on environmental and cultural infringement with Amazon Watch, a bay area non-profit group whose mission is to protect the rights of … Continue reading The Global Museum’s Amazon Watch event

Hurdles and Challenges: Experiences with Labels and Design

I work at a major, traditional museum in downtown San Francisco. I was hired in the spring to work on a single year-long project: designing, fabricating and installing completely new labels for every single item on display, as well as all of the other printed material in the museum’s galleries (all thirty of them!). I’m … Continue reading Hurdles and Challenges: Experiences with Labels and Design

The Mistreatment of Mummies

The West has had a well-documented fascination with Ancient Egypt that has influenced clothing, fashion, science, medicine and every art form for centuries. The phenomenon of "Egyptomania" started in the late 18th century after Napoleon returned from his Egyptian campaign. It gripped America and Europe tight and quite possibly never let go. Figures like Cleopatra … Continue reading The Mistreatment of Mummies